Where to find the best food in Singapore


Leaving for Singapore on these vacations, or ready to flew for any business meeting? You must be pretty much exited right? Singapore is one of the best place to travel and spend vacations. The island city- state is full of lively places and a dream destination of every tourist looking for an exotic nightlife, restaurants and malls. But what when it comes to food? The question that where to find the best food in Singapore circulates in every tourist or visitors mind and it should be as the island is filled with street hawkers selling delicious food and spreading the smell in the air to those gourmet venues decked with thematic decors attracting every one towards them. In this blog I will guide you with the worth going food places in Singapore

Rhubarb a newly-fangled restaurant in Singapore is the first place to visit. Rhubarb Le Restaurant offers its customers with astonishing décor and amazing service are top notch. It is the new standard of fine-dining. The utmost famous dishes of the restaurant are grapes ��a la Aussignac’, which is served with the crunch and sweetness along with the pigeon confit and is presented with chicken jus. Although, the restaurant serves with the torte of peanut butter and chocolate complimented with the smoked-hay cream.

Fratini La Trattoria is a great place run by an Italian chef serves you with new dishes daily and not the repeated menu. The chef serves the grilled prawns along with the tasty pasta and crabmeat. The food you get here cannot experience anywhere else. Not only the seafood, restaurant is famous for tagliatelle which is served with lots of chopped vegetables and crabmeat. Ristorante Amarone is a chic Manhattan-styled place that serve you with authentic Italian cuisine. It is also a wine-bar with great dining experience.

If you go to Singapore, do visit Sungei Road Laksa, for the best servings. This dish laksa, is the combination of Malay and Chinese flavors in single dish. People use to say if you are in Singapore then be like them. Singaporeans do not go for that five or seven star food but the best food you will found will be selling on the streets by those traditional hawkers famous all around the world. One more example of street hawker food is the Outram Park Yahua Rou Gu Cha, where you will be served with numerous dishes, but the lean ribs bawl of bak kut teh as well as the kidney soup are a pure feeling of love.

Although, do visit Nam Sing Fried Hokkien Mee, which also another Singaporean food hawker legends. This hawker will let you see your noodles cooking as well as the core ingredients are veing mixed in front of you without any hesitation. Few more places I will love to recommend you is the Tian Tian Chicken Rice famous in all the tourists and another is Yet Con, which is eventually an old school Hainanese restaurant serving chicken rice with sour spicy sauce and pureed ginger.