How to enjoy learning math


Mathematics since time immemorial has always had major image issues. It is usually perceived to be a weary and hard subject to learn. A subject that at most, should be endured rather than enjoyed. However, despite popular misconceptions, math is indeed the most fascinating and creative subject in existence. It is important to note that without it, science as we know it would be inexistent. At the same time, literature as we know it wouldn’t existence if there was not math. The Mesopotamian cuneiform, the oldest writing system was a product of an ancient system of numerals.

Quite a large number of students loath mathematics due to the donkey’ work it entails. This includes having to learn the times table and various formulas by rote along with solving intricate equations. You will also need boring Math tutors. Nevertheless, such problems are needed to effectively develop mundane numeracy and scientific thinking.

In a similar sense as having to learn scales, which is necessary to master a musical instrument. Generally speaking, mathematics is the study of patterns and solving puzzles via deductive thinking. It is and will always be a playful and fun discipline, which is accessible to all. Here then are some few tips on how to enjoy learning math in a stress-free manner.

Make it a point to alter your perspective of math

Mathematics concepts can be encountered virtually everywhere. From formulating a budget to doing some shopping. Math is a subject which is characterized by expressing ideas, just as music and English are. To enjoy doing math, first of all do away with the misperceptions that are prevalent about it. By changing your mental attitude about this discipline, you will be able to overcome the negative and more to the point, false image that is frequently associated with it.

Have fun doing math

Like it has been earlier stated, mathematics involves solving numerical puzzles by deductive thinking. Indeed, that is what all mathematicians do all day. These individuals quite simply are very fond of solving puzzles. As such, while learning math, never get overly preoccupied with its difficulties of doing it. Instead try your level best to concentrate on the sheer fun and pleasure of solving these puzzles.’

Try to imbibe a passion for this subject by using its concepts everywhere you possibly can. For instance, when out dining, do some mental math such as estimating your restaurant bill in advance. Or even tabulating the exact sale tax you are charged prior to the restaurant cashier handing it to you. This way, you will come to discover that mathematics can be a very interesting and rewarding discipline to learn.

Visit math websites online and use math apps and games

There is a wide variety of websites, which have been primarily put in place to showcase the fun of learning and mastering this subject. Additionally, there are numerous mobile devices apps and games that are based on a wide range of mathematical concepts. This includes Prodigy, Mathville, Dreambox, to name but a few of the most popular. By finding time to visit the websites listed above and download the apps named, you will come to discover that math is really enjoyable to learn.