Why You Should Not Stay At A Luxury Villa While On Holiday.

A vacation is a time to unwind, a time to kick your feet up and just get away from all the obligations and craziness of the world. A luxury villa may seem like the safest bet in such a case, but this would only be true if all you intend to do for the duration of the trip is be cooped up inside an impractically big house, indulging in the bare minimum outdoor activities.

It’s fairly common knowledge that to afford the luxury that comes attached with a villa, you have to be willing to part with hundreds of dollars per night, depending, of course on your destination, since villas located in say for instance Western Europe will set you back a few thousands of dollars for every night spent. Cheaper options, delivering the same quality standard are available and suffice it to say, far more practical, especially at luxury villas in cabo. The reason for this is the location of most villas, which either overlook a sea or an ocean, but this, not being high on the typical traveler’s lists of priorities, can easily be foregone.

Basic Amenities.
Villas are essentially privately owned luxury homes rented out to individuals. This would mean that the basic amenities available in any standard hotel accommodation are definitely lacking. Waking up to cook and clean is the experience one should expect from the standard villa, except of course, if you are willing to pay an extra sum on top of the already hefty rental price, for a private chef and housekeeping.  Villas, for peace and serenity, are located away from major cities. As opposed to a hotel, where one has the options to either order room service, simply walk across the street to a familiar restaurant or get some takeout, in a villa, you have to prepare every meal yourself.  Notwithstanding the fact that most travelers who rent out villas are more leisure travelers as opposed to business travelers, one might want to get some work done. Internet connection is not always guaranteed in a villa, and even when available, it is often the highly unreliable wireless router connection, prone to constant downtime.

The major selling point for any villa is the idea of segregation from the rest of the world. This appeals to most, but is only glamorous on paper. This would mean that for access to the most basic of services, one is forced to drive for miles on end, or hire a cab. This may not seem like an uphill task if you are familiar with the country, but if not, there are some obvious obstacles that are bound to frustrate your holiday. Key among which would be a language barrier, if any, and the requirement to drive on the ‘wrong’ side of the road which is bound to get you in trouble with local law enforcement.

Too Spacious.
You have just rented a luxury villa, complete with the stunning ocean view, indoor jacuzzi and outdoor pool. Once the excitement dies down, you realize you are in a possibly 5 bedroom and 7 bathroom house all by yourself. Say you travel with family, your better half and maybe a few kids, a villa still sounds impractical.

Available Information.
The people that can afford to comfortably and occasionally rent out luxury villas are the 1%. This limits the accommodation history and in turn, the amount of available information gathered from constant reviews by guests. This is paramount to any trip, as any travel bug would tell you, as it aids in planning. Lack of such information may translate to insecurity of the area where the villa is situated to some, or the need to conceal some vital piece of information about the location to others. Needless to say, even if those who can afford to rent them out, do actually give useful and positive reviews, these would be buried deep within countless other reviews of more frequented accommodation.

Ease of Planning.
With the ever increasing number of tour companies across the globe, few people still take on the very tiring task of planning a trip. This, coupled with the fact that tour company packages offer more than just transport and accommodation at an affordable price, has led to less frequent personal planning. The standard package comprises of hotel accommodation, as opposed to a villa not to mention the fact that one often has little or no say in the nitty-gritty when opting for a tour company package.
Most airlines have partnerships with hotels, from discounted rooms to free services like spa treatments, this in itself also persuading people from villas and more to hotels.

The idea of a luxury beachfront villa may appeal to most, but in reality, unless you travel in a large group or are too much of an introvert, villas are largely impractical and overpriced for the standard holiday getaway.