Why you should get an African drum

African drums are a good way of relieving stress (depending on the way you hit it).

In ancient times African town criers used specific types of trumpets and drums to communicate. Most often in those days, when there is a communique to be passed in villages from the rulers to their subjects, town criers are sent with these drums. The manner in which they hit the drum delivers a specific message. Message can be happy news, bad news, useful information or announcements. Every sound emanated from the drum communicates a certain message and how urgent reactions are needed.

African drums are of different categories; for wedding ceremonies, for healing of sicknesses; others to send message to one town to another, one village to another and within villages (the talking drums). In most occasions or ceremonies, these drums as used to compliment other local musical instruments: and there is dancing and feasting and it is a great source of happiness.

Benefits of using the African Drum

Natural means of communication was very effective and efficient. Though nowadays it has been substituted with modern technology, but it remains a great way to communicate the outer nature and your natural instincts. All African cultures have drums with specific manuals of usage. Till today, they have positive effects on people’s health, determination to succeed, well-being and feelings.

These are the benefits of African drums;

Benefits For studies

·  Playing drums and dancing to their tunes bring cultural study topics to life, boosts the confidence of children, and improves the brains of children as they get into dancing.

·  It also help improve their listening skills of children and not just in the domain of music. In fact, it can make you smarter.

Health benefits

·  Because drums put us in connection with mother earth, it has to do a lot in helping cardiac patients. Sometimes following cardio classes where drumming is done helps reduce the fast beating rate of your heart. It boosts your immune system and create well being feelings.

·  Drumming is also a great workout for the good functioning of your brain. Your self-awareness experience is deeper as you play the African drum- you get smarter as you access your brain in its entirety.

·  Drums have special connections to the souls as they bring happiness. The more you play the drum in a group or dance to it, the happier you get.

·  Helps in the release of stress hormones, thereby inducing deep relaxation. This is common with people who play or listen for hours happily.

·  Helps get rid of negative feelings. Sometimes in drumming you express yourself, especially if you didn’t express in words. African drums help explode emotions, release energy blockages and liberate your feelings.

Other benefits

·  They can also be used as tools for meditation. They are not just for entertainment purposes. Their sounds and usage are sacred and just having that in mind gives them a deeper significance.

·  They are a great way to communicate with ancestral spirits and uplifting your spirit for better motivation. You can access higher powers and then your mind and body gets aligned with the natural world.

·  They inspire excitement and passion and be even useful in provoking deeper connections than yoga. This means you can travel far spiritually and get inner peace at the end.

African drums are awesome instruments as they produce beautiful sounds. If you are still hesitant in getting some, then you are missing an experience that will positively ameliorate your well-being.