Why You Need to Update Your Address with the DMV After a Move



If you plan to move permanently, or have already moved to a new address, then it’s time you checked in with the Department of Motor-Vehicles (D.M.V) as soon as you can. You can use either their online platform or get there in person so that they can have your details updated as per your new jurisdiction. Here are 5 reasons why you need to update your information after a move through https://www.us-mailing-change-of-address.com/change-of-address-online-benefits.php.
To Avoid Late Penalty
If you have moved to a new address and are yet to inform the DMV, you might attract a penalty if you try to update it after it has expired. It is advised that you that you inquire with your new local department about the window to have your details updated so that you don’t get yourself on the wrong side of the law. Update your information in time is not that expensive, well, the fine you get slapped with surely is.
An expired license is deemed unlicensed.
If you are driving, happen to be stopped by a cop, and present them with a un-updated license, they will be considered expired. That would mean you are not licensed and hence you are not allowed to drive. This might in return get you charged for an infraction which much more serious than just a misdemeanor.
The DMV might not notify you in time of your license have expired but it required to immediately update your license, registration, and proof of insurance with both your old and new department as per the local laws.
It can be lifesaving in case of emergency.
Updating your address details in time can be lifesaving. If you are ever involved in a car crash, serious injury, or an emergency, you surely wouldn’t want the authorities calling the wrong contacting the wrong address to reach to your family. To help them do that, you need to have your address information updated at your local DMV office to ensure that the process is simple and as swift as possible.
It can also be very important to you if the authorities needed to notify you of an emergency involving a family member since they use that information.
In case There is Need to Change Ownership.
If you or a member of your family ever needs to change ownership due to death or other factors, the information of both people needs to be updated to include both their details. If those people ever have interest in using your motor vehicle, then it will not be any hassle for them as law enforcement will know that they are entitled the use of your motor vehicle even if they are not the owners. Such people might include your family members or a close friend.
To Avoid Mistakes During Payments to Car insurance Companies.
It’s almost certain to cause problems if you are paying your insurance premiums using an old address that you haven’t updated. This might be interpreted as an attempt of fraud as they might think you are trying to evade rates. If your car insurance discovers that you have been using the wrong address, you might get yourself facing criminal charges for fraud and could lead to a jail term. Things could also get messy when you try to claim for a reimbursement after an accident.