Why women need lipstick

Long are gone days when we used to believe that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Desired looks can be achieved by alteration of some features of the body depending on their taste of Fashion and looks. The world of Fashion have thrived and the list of woman make up is typically endless if we are to list them from feet to head. In this category, the fashion of woman lineage seems to be more elaborate and the center of creativity in the art of designing make up. Where the desire of perfection in Fashion converges from. Also, it is now so much difficult to separate romance and women’s Fashion. The same reason I should think this article will spearhead men with the same sensation of flamboyance and realization as it does to women. As a man, you will love to have your woman welcome you home every evening with a warm kiss on your cheeks having been motivated by romantic memories of the day you took her for shopping and picked for her the best lipstick after reading the reviews of the best lipstick on the market. Gorgeous right? So, what is the importance of Lipstick?

Importance of Lipstick

Protection against Sunrays

The skin is responsible for the protection of the body against ultraviolet radiations having been armed by melanin. But even as the lips are well covered by the skin, this important pigment that shields against sun’s radiation is absent in the skin covering the lips. This renders lips so vulnerable to the effect of harmful ultraviolet rays and hence need to have them protected by an artificial layer coated on its surface. Normally, most of the Lipsticks contains SPF12 or even higher.

Heals broken lips

Lipsticks are mostly applied to cover the surface of the lip. As such they help in the protection of the lips against Mechanical elements such as dust particles. This protects your lips from Mechanical injuries that could otherwise result from those elements. Still, there are many different factors that could lead to breaking of the lips or drying up. If you are encountering this experience of dry lips and even broken ones, all you need to do is make a keen selection of the choice of the lipstick to use. The right choice will lead to smooth and soft lips and will also help heal the breakages on the lips.

Brightens Smile

The profile of your smile is perhaps defined on your lips. Dry mouth, yellow and white marks on those lips might be the same factors that are limiting the brightness of your smile. Lipstick helps to conceal such pathetic tints along your mouth and dissolves those curves into a perfect sweet smile.
Lipsticks as well conceal the coating on our teeth depending on the choice you made. Just be keen on your selection and attain a snow-white smile.

Enhances your Eyes

Your skin is a very vital consideration while making a choice of lipstick. It has been established that your lipstick has a notable impact on the pop out of your eyes. As such, Lipstick so often brings out the beauty in your eyes. The looks are angelic if you just pick your type.

Defines Your Lips

We should not forget that lipsticks are worn on the lips. They directly impact on your lips by fully defining them. Also here, the choice of color is so important in drawing the outlook of your lips.

Psychological comfort

The acme of all the lipstick is an immaculate outstanding look. You just want to look angelic and beautiful then pick the kind of lipstick that is best fit for you. Research indicates that men find women wearing lipstick hundreds of times better than those that choose not to. This boosts the self-esteem and a comforting psychological fulfillment. Wearing makeup alleviates the level of confidence. Application of Lipstick is very important and healthy to use. Having noted this importance of using lipstick, why then cant you access one and enjoy the benefits. You are strongly advised to use lipstick and enjoy the above importance of lipstick.