What is an SS-5

The social security card (SS-5) is must for every U.S. Citizen. This card is used in every corner of your life if you are a U.S. Citizen. To get this card, you have to complete some government form and that form is called as SS-5. With this form you have to attach and submit any supporting documents like your identity prove, citizenship status, and age.

Form you should use to apply for a fresh or a changing in card is known as SS-5 form. When you need a correction on your Social Security (SS-5), like misspelling in name or defauts in your status, you need to fill the SS-5 form at https://www.application-filing-service.com/socialsecuritycard/lost-and-replacement-social-security-cards/.

This form is very useful in life and plays an important role in Starting or getting a new job, Opening a bank account, applying for government facilities and benefits.

The procedure to fill this form is very difficult, let me explain you some steps of it. Most of the needed things are easily understood. But the tiny mistakes will lose your precious time. So be careful while filling the form. Filling Social Security (SS-5) is very hard and complex process for everyone.
To apply for a new or replacement SS-5 from Social Security card. Here are certain situations, when you need to complete this procedure SS-5 from.

1. if you are new, make sure that you never have this Social Security card before, because no one is applying it before your parents or grandparents, now you need because you want to get a job.

2. if you had this card before, then make sure that it is not in a condition to use it like it is damaged or it was stolen or you have lost it.

3. fault in Name because of marriage, divorce, etc. therefore you need to apply for a new card, for a new name.

4. On the other hand, you can also apply, if you changed your citizenship status. Such as holding legal residency to becoming a U.S. citizen.

5. if you have a Social Security card before, but you have a minor error like the misspelling of name, or wrong birth date is appeared or number of your Security card is wrong, so in this situation you can correct and accurate you all your information.

How to apply:
To apply this you have to use an old and long process to apply it. First, you mail it to SS-5 and then submit your supporting documents to the nearest Social Security office. Then you will get a copy of your SS-5 form online and fill it on your computer. But you cannot submit the form online; there is no way to submit it online. If you think there is a site to submit this form, please don’t use it will be scammed and you will get into problem.
Supporting documents:
Always submits your supporting documents. Like
1. identity proves of applicant’s
2. applicant’s age certificate/ prove
3. applicant’s citizenship status (when applies it for any reasons/defaults)

These process is hard if you don’t have your supporting documents.