Printing and filling up a USPS change of address form

It’s required to change your address as soon as you move to a new address or two weeks before you do so. Many people are carried away with the moving and packing and end up forgetting to change their addresses. Here is step by step procedure by¬† on how to fill the USPS form.

Step 1: Order of mail forwarding change of address

In the first section to section 6 of the form, you are required to enter the new address and indicate whether is permanent or temporary. Also, you have to state when you will begin receiving the mails from to the new addresses. If the move is not permanent, indicate the date you want the mail forwarding to be discontinued and be returned to your old address. Therefore, you have to be so sure of the date that the temporary move will end to ensure that your information will not be sent to the wrong address.You are also required to indicate your name correctly in the form first and middle initial. In case you are changing the business address, you are also required to fill in the name of the business. In the official section, do not put any mark in the box.

Step 2: Print the old Mailing address

In section 7, you are required to enter all the details of your old residence your old apartment or house address and in case the address is indicated PR (Puerto Rico), you will have to print in urbanization. You are also required to enter your old city, state and zip code.

Step 3: Print new Mailing Address

In section 8 of the form, you will have to fill information on your new Mailing address, house or apartment address, new state, new city and also your new zip code. With the new address, it will be easy to send your billings and other important emails to you directly.

Step 4: Read the conditions and sign

In section 9 of the form, you are required to read the conditions at the bottom of the form and then sign. On the form provided, you have to print your name on the area labeled print and provide your signature just beneath the print area. After signing the form with the correct information, indicate the date that you have completed the form.

Step 5: Print and Mail the completed form

With the full and completed form, you will be able to print and send it through the mail. You will have to mail it to the postage mailler of the United States Postal service. It is also possible to take the printed form to the postage center in your location in case you may need any assistance with it. With the postage, you will be sure it will get to the right office and get feedback on it.

The process may seem time taking but its the safest way of sending your personal information without it getting into the wrong hand. In case you may want to change your address online, go to and complete the form.