Premier Wedding Venues in Melbourne.

Looking for Wedding Venues in Melbourne? Ascot House has a well-established history in Melbourne, as a premier wedding venue. The Mansion, with two acres of grounds, was built. Expert planners take care of making the special day pass without a hitch. Such attention to the more delicate details, coupled with many years expertise in the industry, makes Ascot House the perfect choice for a wedding location.

Ascot house offers an idyllic setting for weddings, receptions and social events in Melbourne. This is the best wedding venue in Melbourne in Melbourne, with a very long history in the wedding industry. A team of dedicated experts offer services, to aid in planning every last detail of your special day. The venue is also famous for a variety of social events. You can expect a business function, a formal event, or a birthday party.

Historic House and grounds

For over a century, the beautiful historic house and grounds have been host to many weddings and social events. The well-maintained grounds are two acres in size. They provide the perfect backdrop for wedding photographs, or for taking a relaxing stroll to unwind.

Wedding Planning

Attention to the more delicate details is all part of the service at Ascot House. When you book your wedding, you will first be offered a consultation. Consultants have the knowledge and experience to plan all aspects of the wedding day. They can advise on how to get the best deal while planning the services. Knowing that everything is taken care of, will receive the stress element out of making all the plans.

Wedding or Event Menu

The choice of wedding menu is staggering. This is adapted to cater for all tastes. It may range from a traditional Australian meal of three courses to a continental feast. All waiters and kitchen staff are fully trained, with the expertise to deliver a fantastic international menu. Restaurant management is specially selected for their experience in providing wedding menus, and for their knowledge about fine dining.

Melbourne Wedding Receptions

Choose from a wedding reception, held in the sophisticated Chandelier Room. For a more significant, more extravagant event, the vast and impressive Grand Ballroom will dazzle. Smaller wedding reception venues allow for 80 guests, while the larger option allows for up to 200 people.

Functions and Events

Various functions and gala events are frequently held at the mansion. This venue is fully geared to cater for and plan a variety of different types of games. These include:

• Conferences and seminars.

• Birthday parties.

• Christenings.

• Formal school events.

• Choir recitals.

• Launches of new products and company events.

The History of Ascot House

The magnificent mansion house had held dignity and charm when it was built. Formerly it was owned by John Thomas Smith. He became Lord Mayor of Melbourne. In the early part of the 1900s, Arthur Fenton acquired the property and grounds. The years passed and the house changed hands again. In the cellars beneath the house, the Smith family silver was discovered.

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