List of trends in catering and events


How do we really keep up with the world that is constantly changing? Well, this is the difference between the catering industry and restaurant industry. The restaurant industry may stay without the need for any change but the caterers could not. Caterers must always have the flair and style while doing it on a grand scale. In this article, we are going to examine the latest trends in the world of catering that we, at Crave Catering, have observed.

To start with, the vision of a client is always a top consideration for any caterer. Often times, they are given certain parameters to follow and execute their plans. This is the reason why the possibilities of any caterer are endless. But what is really new and exciting in the catering industry? What should you look forward to upcoming events? Read on and know what should excite you.

1. Food
The old is new again because the classic familiar meats are making their big comeback! In fact, a really popular way of presenting these classic courses is through a delectable menu with many different small courses to give a leaner, cleaner look, paired with wines appropriate for the course. Also beginning and rounding off the table are those mini-mini desserts and bite-sized canapés. Ethnic foods such as Dim Sum and East Indian are becoming more and more traditional, shifting from the fusion creations and are slowly incorporating themselves nicely with the trendy-themed caterings. Also on the rise in the catering industry are mixed-culture weddings, requesting a blend of two types of cuisine which features elements of two cultures with spectacular effect. Crave Catering Melbourne has catered many such events and find the excitement created with the menu is half the fun.

2. Beverages
Long live the martini – it simply refuses to die! In fact, it even reinvented itself with different ingredients such as Champagne, Saki, flavored Vodkas, and a lot more. The mini-bottle of Champagne sipped with a straw is definitely still in, and clients are still consuming better wines paired with their meals. It seems that customers prefer less, as reflected in today’s beer choices such as Becks, Stella Artois, Corona, Heineken, and Sol. Do not ever forget the irresistible summer blender drinks, which will always be in style! Crave Catering has some sensation new drink options available on the website (see below).

3. Presentation and Decor
If pictures are worth a thousand words, presentations are worth everything, especially for caterers. You can have the most delicious food in the world; however, if it is not presented with style and flair, then the appeal can be lost in no time. With this premise, the entire event you planned for a long time hinges. The trend in presentation and decor is actually veering sharply towards a lean, clean look. Forget the old days of multiple draped linens! As a matter of fact, more and more events are beginning to be linen-free. See our picture gallery on the website. So to recap – events these days are getting back to the old and basic ways with a cleaner presentation, bigger taste on small plates, high-quality wines to compliment the food, ambient lighting, and clean decor lines to enhance the entire event experience. There is a fit for every type of event and cuisine theme, be it malay cuisine, chinese or any other spectacular food all around the world.