Is Your Baby A Boy or A Girl? How Gender Testing Kits Can Actually Be Fun

When you’re expecting, it could be very tiring to hear people ask you at every moment, “is it a boy or a girl?” This is especially true if you want to keep the baby’s gender a secret until the birth. Sometimes, there are mothers who will cave in, and they will look up gender testing kits to see if it can predict the baby’s gender. From do-it-yourself kits to those you can buy from drug stores, they will try it all and see if the kits will show the same gender.

However, it seems like they’re having fun using the kits, we recommend So their initial concerns about finding out their baby’s gender before the birth just goes away because they’re enjoying themselves. If you’re an expectant mother and you’re still thinking about whether you want to use the kits, here’s how gender testing can be fun.

Could be an exciting experience for first-time moms

Expecting an additional member of the family is an exciting time for moms, especially for women who are experiencing this for the first time. Using gender testing kits can make you feel both giddy and nervous. You feel a certain thrill whenever you open a kit, and you see which results will come up. At the same time, it makes you nervous about what kind of parent you’re going to be if it’s a boy or a girl.

Sometimes, you’re nervous about even the most superficial stuff like if you’ve chosen the right color of paint, the right name, and even the right toys. But you hold on to that feeling of exhilaration, and you just can’t wait for the baby to arrive.

Tallying up the results that come out the most

You’ve probably used many gender testing kits to see what result comes up from the majority of them. It would be fun to tally up the results and see which ones accurately predicted the baby’s gender. What you can do is write the gender testing kit you used and the gender that came out as a result on a notebook. Then highlight which ones got it right.

As an added activity, and only if you’re up for it, you and your husband can bet on which gender or brand is going to get it right. Imagine what the delivery room will be like once you find out which one of you got it right.

You can have a party based on the results

Again, using the tally that you have, see which gender comes up most of the time. You can plan a gender testing kit themed party just based on the results. Put up a sign that says “There’s an 85% Chance It’s A Girl!”. Prepare a cake that is 85% pink and 15% blue. Then you can give out party favors that are mostly pink candies and a small number of blue candies. For sure, you’re not the only who will have fun with using the gender testing kits, your friends and family will find it enjoyable too.

The next time someone asks you the baby’s gender, and then you decide to use gender testing kits, you can make it fun with these suggestions.