How it’s so much easier to use a social security card name changing service

The process from required in using the social security card, name change service is quite straightforward. However, if you do not know how to do it right or what is needed, you may not be successful as expected.

In a nutshell, you must:

• Proof your identity.
• Fill and print an application for the card.
• Hand-deliver or mail the form attached with required documents to a local security office.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) will hand over to you a new card with your new name after the application gets processed.

Your Social Security number remains the same as the previous. The number was created initially to track employees earning history for use in awarding benefits. While the nine-digit number enables government agencies to identify, as well as compile information about you, it acts as a universal identifier as well.

As soon as you change your Social Security Card name – whether after marriage, court order, divorce or any other related reasons – you must inform SSA to update your card. Whenever you fail to do so, you stand at risk of losing your wages since they can’t be assigned to your earnings record. Also, the processing of your future income tax refunds could be delayed.

For the question of how long it does take to alter your name on a social security card, the answer rest on the backlog at the SSA. Usually, it takes up to 2- 3 weeks for SSA to send you a new card and any other supporting documentation. Due to this, you should not imagine that you can initiate the process.

Remember, when filling the application form for someone else, you will be required to avail a proof of your identity besides declaring your relationship to the person.

Verify your citizenship documents.

You would be prompted to verify your present U.S citizenship status if you didn’t do so before. Required documents include a U.S passport or a U.S birth certificate. Those documents should either be originals or certified copies issued by the accredited agency. Otherwise, SSA will reject notarized copies, photocopies, or a receipt which indicates you applied for the documents.

If the documents you provide do not convey sufficient information for the SSA to verify your identity from their records, you will be required to submit an additional identity proof. Also, you will be prompted to do so when your name change took place more than two years ago.

Submit a completed application.

As soon as you’ve gathered all the required paperwork, fill and print out the application for your card. Once you’re done, you can either deliver in person or mail it to your local Social Security office, attached with support documents.

If you’ve problems concerning this process, you can seek assistance from experts to compile the necessary paperwork, as well as submit them for you at a small fee. Similarly, you could do it yourself for free, since as I mentioned before – it is a straightforward process. That is, it is easier to use a social security card name change service.