How Do You Choose the Best Vinyl Windows?

Vinyl-framed windows are credited to be pocket-friendly, lightweight, and easy to install. The main drawback was that the material was not appealing but modern vinyl windows are proof of aesthetic progress. Because of the latest advancements, vinyl-framed windows have become more appealing as well as energy efficient compared to their counterparts.

Choosing the right and best vinyl windows for your home can be a tricky affair especially if you do not know what brand to look out for or what the best features are.

The following are some tips to use when shopping for these windows:

Quality is the most important

The more vinyl in the frame, the more structurally solid that window will be and the more thermal efficient it is. Vinyl windows tend to yellow over time, and if the company uses low-grade resin, as well as the chemicals, fillers, plasticizers, and pigments in the fabrication of their vinyl, the windows can become yellow faster. Vinyl in a high-quality window contains titanium dioxide. This compound brightens a white vinyl window by several shades and protects it from future discoloration caused by the effects of the sun. A pale blue tint to the white vinyl is an indication that this method was used. Additionally, look for the quality of the company installing them. Even the best window will lose some of its insulating value and operability if it is improperly installed.

Check the cross section of a frame

The frame has multiple chambers of different sizes and the more chambers, the higher quality. High-quality frames and sashes have more chambers to prevent deformation due to vinyl melting from the sun’s heat. There are two methods used to construct frames, namely, screws, brackets, and caulk, or welding. Look for joints that are heat-welded rather than joined with screws or other fasteners. Screwed seams can break during shipment whereas welded frames form a smooth vinyl seal due to the chemical reaction that occurs.

Furthermore, lower quality vinyl windows have a noticeably wider window frame. The wider frame reduces the size of the glass area and sunlight in the home. Higher quality windows have a thinner frame that allows more glass area, while still maintaining good energy-efficiency ratings backing the warranty.

Design of your home and budget

The different types of window styles should be factored in the decision-making. Consider the age, and the overall style of your home since using vinyl can drastically change the exterior look of your home. A double hung window is much less expensive than any other specialty windows like bays, bows, garden windows and casement windows are pricier.


If you hire a professional to install the windows, you must ensure that the Windows’ warranty is backed by both the manufacturer and the company doing the installation. The best warranties are “non-pro-rated,” meaning they cover the entire purchase price of the window for the warranty term. Look for warranties that are “fully transferable.” That means when you sell your home, the window warranty is part of the deal.

Lastly, shop around and ask questions to the different brand shops. Information is key!