How Can You Donate To Charity Without Spending A Penny?

Believe it or not, more than billions of photos are shared and liked on social media every single day…and all this goes in vain! No more, because the brand new innovative social platform called Pixhug has found a way to channelize all that photo sharing behavior to support philanthropy and charitable causes.

You can support a charitable cause! Yes, you can! You can do it without having to spend a penny. So, if you have the intention of helping others and bringing about a difference in the world, here’s your chance. Pixhug changes peoples’ lives. It creates a union of charities and corporate sponsors through a fun user engagement.

How can Pixhug help you support philanthropy?

• Download the Pixhug app on your iOS device (it will soon be available on Android).
• Create your profile on Pixhug and choose a campaign you wish to support
• Open the app and start sharing photos
• For every ‘Like’ your photo receives, sponsors pay 10 cents to the chosen charitable cause
• When the goal is achieved, the total amount is transferred to the charitable cause
How do the corporate sponsors benefit?

The sponsors benefit from this platform because it offers them great value marketing and promotion through one of the leading social platforms. Furthermore, consumers love associating themselves with companies that are more human and involved in social causes. So, associating with charitable causes gives an opportunity to create brand awareness and popularity.

How can you manage your campaigns?

When you create a profile on Pixhug, you get a dashboard where you can see your latest activities and details about the charities you support. It will contain all details regarding the number of campaigns you are supporting, the number of users who have supported your campaign, the number of photos you have shared and the total number of ‘Likes’ received.

How to create a campaign?

You can create your own campaign and send it to Pixhug for approval. They will send the campaign to the sponsor and charity to sign. The campaign is reviewed, and upon approval, it goes live so you can start raising money for it.

Where to find the Pixhug app?

Download the free Pixhug app from iTunes to take that first step towards making that big change!

By sharing your original photos, you can now offer clean drinking water to villages, provide shelter and food to needy, offer medical aid to those in need and bring a smile on someone’s face. So, did you ‘Like’ today?