Biking outdoors

Over the past decades, outdoor activities have taken a different perspective. One of the best known outside activity is the biking. The mountain bikes are the most commonly used types of bikes due to their speed, convenience, and comfortability. When you consider biking, it is always good to take the notion of safety and conservation of energy. If you frequently use the mountain bike(MTB) to travel to work or for a long distance, then you need to have an outstanding and reliable lighting system. Reliable MTB lights make you unstoppable even in darkness. My article will guide you in selecting the best bike lights that will make your ride memorable.

The magic shine MJ-9028 is one of the brightest mountain bike light that everyone will miss to own. The light has gone through a series of renovations and innovation to cater for the technological advancement of the consumers. Such innovation includes pre-programing four brightness settings; the light is also compatible with the popular operating system such as the Android and IOS. This means that you can customize all the settings via smartphone. The light has 2 XM-L2 LEDs giving it a magic power to produce more light for an estimated run time of 2.5hours. The light is packed with 1600 lumens.

Ugoe TB-13-01 is the topping brightest mountain bike light of 2018. The light comes with 4500 lumens which give it credit in comparison with other mountain bikes. The output is estimated at 600 lumens. The body is well structured with an aluminum alloy which makes it waterproof. When the bike is at super velocity, the light may get hot, but at an average speed, the light remains cool. The battery is estimated to go for four consecutive hours.

The Niterider 3600 Pro from a manufacturer in the USA takes a slot of the brightest mountain bike lights. The light comes with two chambers each with three Cree LED bulbs making up the 3600 lumens light. One of the outstanding features is the durability of this light. The brightness makes your ride in darkness comfortable. However, due to the intense brightness, it is not advisable to use Niterider 3600 in urban areas.

The Cygolite Expilion also appears in the list of the brightest mountain bike lights. The Cygolite offers just one LED bulb which has eight different settings extending its runtime. Although the light is bright, it lacks innovations which dwindle its demand.

Another light topping the list of the brightest mountain bikes is the Niterider Pro 1400. The light is packed with two light system which produces 1400 lumens. It is equipped with seven light modes. The light comes with a helmet and bar mounts and a battery indicator.

The Bontrager Ion 70oR also appears in the list of the brightest mountain bike light. The light is designed to cater for road riders and commuters by fixing it with 700 lumens which are sufficient to propel you throughout the darkness. The design is impressive with a run time of 1.45 hours.

The other brightest mountain bike light is the Serfas USL-1100 which comes with a USB port for charging and an output of 1100 lumen.